Audit Committee

The Board has established an Audit Committee whose purpose is to give a special forum to work concerning financial reporting, internal control, risk management and auditing. The Audit Committee's main task is to ensure the fulfillment of the Board's responsibility of supervision when it comes to internal control, auditing, possible internal auditing, risk management, accounting and financial report, prepare questions concerning auditing procurement and other auditing services as well as prepare the Board's work in decisions regarding the company's financial reporting.

Furthermore, the Audit Committee shall, among other things, acquire information about the review of the annual accounts and consolidated financial statements, review and monitor the auditor's impartiality and independence by paying special attention to whether, and under certain circumstances approve that, the auditor provides the company with services other than auditing services.

Moreover, the Audit Committee shall assist the Nomination Committee when it comes to the appointment of auditors. In order to create an ongoing exchange of opinion and information between the Board and the auditor in audit issues, the Audit Committee shall have recurring contacts with the company's auditor.

The Audit Committee currently consists of: Lennart Jacobsson (Chairman of the Audit Committee), Marcus Söderberg and Joachim Berner.

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