Business idea, strategy and vision

Business idea
Seafire's business concept is a clear and rigorous acquisition strategy, combined with sustainable value creation and decentralization. An important driving force for Seafire's continued success is the group companies' offer to customers, which contributes to improvement and increased competitiveness in a sustainable way..

We focus on Swedish companies with their main operation in Sweden but with customers, suppliers and partners on a global scale. Acquisitions are made partly by companies that form new business units, platform acquisitions, and partly through additional acquisitions to existing business units. Seafire always acquires a majority of the shares.

Our creation of value takes place with us being an active owner with a decentralized operational model and independent subsidiaries. Long-term strategies are based on the business model development, broadening of the market, service and product development, and are executed together with new investments in marketing and sales. Thereby, the acquired companies’ growth and profitability increase along with their strategic value.

Our vision is to become Sweden's best owner and developer of small companies.

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