Corporate governance

Seafire's corporate body consists of the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors, the CEO and the auditors. At the Annual General Meeting, a board and its chairman are appointed by the shareholders. The Board appoints the CEO and Deputy CEOs. On behalf of the Annual General Meeting, the auditors shall examine the accounts as well as the Board of Directors' and the CEO’s management during the fiscal year in question.

Corporate governance refers to regulations and structure established to efficiently administrate and manage the operation of a limited company. Ultimately, corporate governance aims to meet any shareholders' demand for return and to meet the needs of all stakeholders by providing them with information about the company and its development. Among other things, the Company's governance is based on the Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act, the marketplace's regulations for issuers as well as internal rules and regulations.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”) is mandatory for companies listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm and the Company complies with the Code. This section, Corporate Governance, deals with how Seafire works with corporate governance issues.

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