We are also entrepreneurs

In Sweden the entrepreneurial spirit is strong, thus creating and developing new ideas and companies is one of our skills. For generations, many companies have passed on within the family, yet along the way, the entrepreneur of first, second or later generations, may feel that a new owner needs to take over.

This may occur at the dawn of a new generation, when the company is facing a larger growth phase or when the company needs to develop in a new direction. Perhaps, without solid funds and network, it might somewhat constitute too great a risk. That's where Seafire comes in. Seafire is run by entrepreneurs which provides a good understanding of your situation. Our experience comes from operational roles as well as acquiring companies and leads to the right business discussion. As a part of Seafire, you are not considered to be “the 75th company”.

You are unique and we are selective. You will be an important part of Seafire and Seafire will be an important part for you. We meet you - during an acquisition procedure you will meet us, we who run Seafire.

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies with stable profitable development, preferably with a clear market position and fundamental competence in their field that are likely to explain their success. We call it "reason for success" or "reason to be." Usually we are talking about Swedish companies with a local, regional or global market in trade & services or industry.

We are looking for companies with the potential to become a new business unit in the Seafire Group or likely to complement one of our current business units in a so-called add-on acquisition. 

The road to becoming part of Seafire

We are looking for a mutual will to create something together. In most cases, we are the right partner for you as an entrepreneur and sometimes we are not. We have extensive experience in making acquisitions and collaborating with entrepreneurs. It's supposed to feel right and we are going to have fun together.

Every situation with a company and an entrepreneur is unique and we are committed to finding the best solution for you. We usually acquire 100% of the company and sometimes ownership is postponed as a part of Seafire to get gain from it at a later point in time. Sometimes it's merely a cash deal.

After a takeover your role in the company may be the same as before. Or a role with increased emphasis on what you are best at and perhaps you might feel done and want to move on in life. An honest, trustful and transparent discussion is important in order to find a good solution. A process normally takes 6-8 weeks and should be able to mature within both parties’ minds before it is time to shake hands.

When you're part of Seafire

It is important for us to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the acquired companies, for instance by ensuring your independence and by you proceeding to run the business the way you did before when it comes to, among other things, culture and your name.

Seafire adds experience and expertise within leadership, organizational development, digital marketing and sales, streamlining in finance and business operation with the aim of creating increased revenue and profit growth. We appoint a professional board of directors with external members apt to add knowledge and networking to the companies. Together we establish a business plan for 3 to 5 years and allocate resources for implementation.

Seafire has a long experience and expertise in business development and governance, which will benefit our companies. We also contribute with capital funding to further develop the companies, for example through acquisitions or expansion financing.

Through Seafire Academy you improve as a leader and get part of Seafire's network on several levels in the organization. We assist with the recruitment of senior executives and specialists and develop the organizations together with you.

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