Welcome to build with us!

We are passionate about building and developing companies and their clients. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients. To be able to sit down with a customer and understand their problems and challenges so as to be able to deliver a new product, service or solution likely to meet the client's needs in the next stage, is a fantastic experience. It is through excellent quality and good service that we keep our client base and win new ones.

Developing our teams and collaborators is also what drives us. Our collaborators master cutting- edge expertise and contribute strongly to stability and independence. To find the right collaborator and to delegate responsibility is our recipe for success. As Seafire grows, more collaborators will be recruited not only in the subsidiaries but also in the parent company. Together we become stronger and better.

With our experience and our network, we acquire companies with good products and a good market position, preferably at the forefront, in order to eventually develop them in the long term, create strong cash flows and thereby be able to carry out further acquisitions.

Our business model is proven, and above all dissectible. We acquire companies with good products or services and develop them so that they become even better. The fact that both acquisitions and organic growth take place without a so-called exit perspective results in sustainable value development and strong cash flows. A good company should be maintained - not sold.

We gladly acquire companies on the verge of generational shifts or whose development didn’t go as expected and find themselves in need of resources and competence in order to develop further. The companies must have a nurtured brand, quality products and a stable market position. The companies are acquired at sound values ​​and with investments in the organization, product or service development, and with an updated market platform, the results usually speak for themselves. We live with Seafire and our subsidiaries. Our investment in Seafire is significant and we intend to create a good return.

You are welcome to join the journey and create a successful Seafire!
Johan Bennarsten, founder and CEO

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